1 Corinthians 15:1-11            Resurrection

In this chapter Paul now turns to another vital issue which had obviously been  raised by the Corinthians: the resurrection.  In these verses, therefore, Paul sets out the main facts of the gospel.  Verses 3-7 may reflect a common recital of faith which was becoming a “creed”.  Here we have the heart of the gospel:

– Christ died for our sins;

– He was buried;

– He was raised to life on the third day according to the Scriptures;

– He appeared to Cephas … as to many who testified to have seen Him.

These facts are non-negotiable in any presentation of the gospel.  To deny any part of this is to make such preaching “null and void” or “in vain” (v.14).

The beauty of this is that those who die in Christ will also experience this ressurection.

Some people were then asking what the resurrection of the dead would be like: what sort of body would they have?  Paul answers with the picture of a seed which receives a new “body” when it grows into a plant.  Different creatures and different planets also have different kinds of “body”.  We cannot describe what our resurrection body will be like, but that should not be an obstacle to our belief.  God is the creator, and his is the power in this life and in the next!