1 Corinthians 6:1-11    No Court Cases!

We have seen that in matters of sexual relationships, the standards of the pagan world had crept into the church.  The same was also true with litigation.  The Greeks delighted in court cases, and loved going to law.  This habit had continued even after those concerned had become Christians.  Paul was shocked.  Such people were clearly concerned with what they regarded as their “rights” as individuals; they were not concerned with their responsibility to the Christian community as a whole.  They felt they should be free to do whatever they wanted; their thinking was centered on “self” and not on Christ.  Paul is indignant and appalled.  It was bad enough that they should take their court cases to pagan judges.  What was worse, however, was that they simply had not grasped that the tendency to pass judgement on one another should have been cast out when they received the gospel.  It has been said that the combination of asserting one’s rights and passing judgement on everyone else is one of the most deceitful and destructive tendencies in the church of God.  The Corinthians were still trying to accept the gospel only partially: they wanted to retain some of their old ways, and also benefit from the Christian faith.  Such a compromise is never possible