1 Peter 2:1-10         A holy nation

“So” or “therefore”: because of what God has done for you and is preparing to do for you, get rid of the following.  Remove malice.  By being a Christian, selected by God, Satan is your enemy.  By being a Christian in the world, the world hates you.  Therefore if you do not get rid of malice you will suffer for nothing because we know that no unholiness can come before God.  Remove hypocrisy.  Remove envy: this is a step further on from jealousy.  You can kill with your mouth; remove slander.  Then crave for spiritual milk, the word of God.  It is through the word of God that you will get rid of all the above, but then you must turn to the word of God again as your daily bread, as the milk to nourish your whole being for your salvation.  God is a living stone.  He is ready to receive you. God is ready to build us up.  God is building HIS people, a living people, a nation,  He is not building a tribe, but all who come to him so that they become a holy people.  Holiness is emphasised because this is a key without which we cannot see God.  The reason why God selected us is so that we may declare the praises of God.