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2 Peter 2:4-22 The end of the wicked


2 Peter 2:4-22 The end of the wicked


Throughout history, those who are evil receive their punishment.  This is true even of the angels, and further examples are given of the people of Noah’s day, and of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Such evil people are controlled by their own selfish desires; they indulge in all kinds of sin, and entice other people to do likewise.  Even worse still, there are some people who once turned from such ways to follow Christ, but have now reverted to their former evil habits.  If a person has never known the right way, he cannot be condemned for not following it.  If, however, he has known it and then deliberately taken the other way, his last state is worse than his first.  Knowledge brings responsibility.  Such people receive stern denunciation and contempt.