Month: September 2016

"Members of the choir mourn during a vigil for the more than 30 recently murdered Ethiopian Christians at the hands of Islamic State militants. Congregants of St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church held a vigil for the more than 30 Ethiopian Christians who were shot and beheaded by Islamic State militants on Saturday, April 25, 2015. (Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)"
East Africa

Ethiopian Church asks for justice and rule of law

Christians are coming under siege in Muslim-dominated parts of Ethiopia with rising numbers of attacks and killings. Reports coming out of the rural towns and villages in many eastern regions of Ethiopia are showing the persecution many Christian communities are going through all the time. The predominant crises in East Africa […]


Spectacle and torture: Blandina 177

Spectacle and torture: Blandina 177 Blandina was a young slave girl, among the many Christians brought before the Roman governor of Gaul during an upsurge in persecution in the region around Vienne and Lyons in 177. Blandina displayed remarkable physical and spiritual strength as she endured a succession of horrendous […]


Acts 22:22-23:11  Riot 

Again the soldiers had to rescue Paul from the crowd.  The commandant decided to try to discover the truth from Paul by torture (the lash was a vicious torture under which many died or were crippled for life).  Paul was a Roman citizen, a status which gave him certain rights […]

VIDEO: Italy Coast Guard Footage of Migrant Rescue off Libya

Christian Migrants killed by Muslim Captain

A Cameroonian Muslim immigrant, Alain NB is on trial in Spain for drowning six Christians. Alan was the captain of the boat carrying migrants from Morocco to Spain when the boat was hit by storms. The Captain, accused the Christians of causing the storm by their prayers. He “believed the […]

Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance

In the times of trials, these words are a solace to the troubled heart. God’s assurance that He not only ‘knows’ what He is doing in our lives but also that whatever He is doing is ‘THE BEST’ for us, and there could be nothing better than ‘this’ can be […]