East Africa


Six Christians were targeted and killed by Al-Shabab Islamic terror group in Mandera town, in northern Kenya near the Somalian border, on Wednesday.

Kenyan Police said the grenade and gun attack was launched on a residential block in Mandera town when people were sleeping. The gunmen targeted 33 Christians living is a residential block. The intervention of the police saved the lives of the remaining Christians, the police said.

Al-ShababClaiming responsibility through its Annulus radio station, the Somalia-based Alshabab Jihadists said, “It was a well-planned attack which targeted Christian members in Mandera.” The attack was meant to rid the town of Mandera of any Christians.

Eric Kiraithe, Kenyan Government spokesman said the Kenyan security agencies had been tipped earlier of the impending attack in Mandera, “but there was no actual and accurate specific intelligence on this particular attack,” He added that the attackers “escaped through the border.” to Somalia where Al-Shaba has its base.

The Kenya- Somalia border towns have been vulnerable to the Islamic terrorist attack over the years with Mandera County and Garissa County being the most hit. Al-Shabab, in April 2015, killed 148 people, most of them students, of the Garissa University. In November 2014 they killed 28 Christians in a bus travelling through Mandera and in December 2014, Alshabab killed 36 Christians quarry workers in Mandera town.

This recent attack come in the heels of an allegation that Kenyan police receive bribes from Muslim leaders to release terrorist suspects. A security team has been formed to probe terrorism cases in Isiolo County, as some Muslim leaders have confessed to bribing police to release terror suspects.