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Acts 2:17 – Pentecost Prayer


Acts 2:17 – Pentecost Prayer


Dear Lord,
Look with mercy into the inside of the church your Body and come to our rescue.
Expose and uproot every malice and wickedness from inside the church. Denounce and yet pardon those who truly repent and confess their sinful acts of all evils and return wholeheartedly to you.
Demolish and condemn the spread of malicious slander, lies, and gossips from among believers inside the church.
Drive away laziness, carelessness, ingratitude and all forms of ungratefulness.
Do this O Lord so that the Holy Spirit will be free to raise an army of praying soldiers whose faith you will honor and whose prayers you will answer.
We seek a life changing revival, we seek Bible based revival that will last through generations, transforming lives, communities, societies and nations.
We seek the salvation of those blinded by Satan, captured by drugs, deceived by pornography as well as those who have made idols of money, sex and power.
We seek and seriously desire to put on the front burner the task of heaven, the mission of the gospel of salvation.
We seek to live lives that will glorify you in righteousness, justice, holiness, and love as a mark of our discipleship.
We seek to establish the reign and rule of the kingdom of God first amongst the people everywhere, anywhere and anytime.
We seek to glorify you alone!
Grant this as we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord.