Author: Benjamin Kwashi

1 Timothy 4:7     Training in godliness

1 Timothy 4:7 Training in godliness

Time and again in the New Testament, we hear of the problems and dangers of false teaching and half truths.  This must be countered by true faith and sound doctrine.  This involves discipline and “training in godliness” (v.7b-8).  Training for physical fitness has value, but training for spiritual fitness has […]

1 John 2:8-17  Love

1 John 2:8-17 Love

The mark of real fellowship with God is love.  This was seen perfectly in the life of Jesus, and it should also be true in the life of every Christian (v.8).  Intellectual knowledge on its own is of no use or value: discipleship will be proved not by written exams, […]

Luke 14:1-11  Total Healing

Luke 14:1-11 Total Healing

A sick man needed healing, but healing was “work” and Jewish law strictly forbade any work to be done on the Sabbath.  If a man will rescue his animal at any time, how much more will God rescue his people at any and every moment!  Those who have been rescued, […]