Author: Surinder Kaur

Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance

In the times of trials, these words are a solace to the troubled heart. God’s assurance that He not only ‘knows’ what He is doing in our lives but also that whatever He is doing is ‘THE BEST’ for us, and there could be nothing better than ‘this’ can be […]

17-year-old Anjana M., married at 14, sits outside her home with her two-year-old daughter Ishita. Anjana’s aunt and uncle pressured her to marry her husband because of rumors about her relationship with him. Photo credit: 2016 - Smita Sharma - Human Rights Watch
South Asia

Children have their ‘futures stolen’ by child marriage, claims report

Child marriage is still widely prevalent in Nepal and practiced equally in Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian communities, according to a report by non-governmental organization, Human Rights Watch. “Many children in Nepal, both girls and boys, are seeing their futures stolen from them by child marriage,” said Heather Barr, women’s […]