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Death threats and political assassinations: Aurelio Gomez Ramos and Gustavo Hernandez Perez 1995

Aurelio pastored a church with Gustavo as his assistant at a time of great threat to Christians in Mexico from the Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN). This armed revolutionary organisation from Chiapas, a poverty stricken southern state of Mexico, went public in 1994 with the goal of overthrowing the Mexican government. […]


Acts 24:1-23 Political Power 

Judaism and the Roman Empire were two huge power blocs.  We might wonder what chance Paul had in the face of such political might.  Paul, however, was undaunted: he knew that with God all things are possible, and moreover he always wore the “armour” of which he wrote in Eph.6:10-18.  […]


Imprisoned and tortured for their faith: Eritrean Christians 2010-1

Many Eritrean Christians endure unimaginable suffering because they refuse to renounce their faith in Christ. Thousands are imprisoned without trial in horrendous conditions; many are held in metal shipping containers or underground prisons, enduring darkness and overcrowding, extreme temperatures and malnutrition, and sometimes torture and beatings. Those who fall ill […]


Acts 23:12-end  Ambush

Certain Jews resorted to underhand, illegal tactics in order to murder Paul.  Their plot was discovered, the Roman authorities alerted and Paul was taken out by night with a large military escort: the Romans were taking no chances.  This is the only time Paul’s sister and her son are mentioned […]


Adopting a killer: Sohn Yangoon 1950

Even before the brutal murder of his sons Tongin and Tongsin in 1948, Yangoon’s life had already been marked by much suffering for Christ. He was born in South Kyungsang Province, Korea, in 1902, and became an evangelist aged 23. In 1938 he came into conflict with the Japanese authorities over […]