Laws to be ratified by Kazahkstan Parliament will tighten religious freedoms. Photo: Wikipedia

Christians arrested and fined for attending church in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan authorities raided a church service at the end of October detaining 20 Christians. The congregation in Ekibastuz, north-eastern Kazakhstan, were fined for “participation in an unregistered, halted or banned religious community or social organization.” The pastor was fined almost $700 and the others, almost $350. Kazakhstan guarantees religious rights but at […]

Government troops check a vehicle evacuating residents from their hometown of Marawi [Reuters]
South East Asia

Mainly Christians slaughtered in Marawi siege

Nearly all the civilians murdered by Islamic militants during the five-month long siege of Marawi were Christians, according to Amnesty International. The detailed analysis, which includes multiple eyewitness found shocking evidence that Islamists specifically set out to kill Christians for their faith. “During the conflict, militants regularly targeted civilians and […]