Chaudhry Mahmood Bashir Virk. Photo credit: Pakistan Ministry of Law and Justice
South Asia

Pakistan court rules citizens must declare religion when applying for government jobs or IDs

All Pakistani citizens must declare their religion when applying for identity documents or government jobs, according to a 9 March ruling of the Islamabad High Court. Human rights activists argue that this will create another opportunity for the government to discriminate against minorities. Human Rights Watch has condemned the ruling for attacking […]

Salman Taseer, the former governor of Punjab who was shot dead after raising the plight of Aasia Bibi. Photo credit: Wikipedia
South Asia

Pakistan Senate calls for punishments for false “blasphemy” allegations

Punishments should be imposed for false ‘blasphemy’ allegations, according to a key recommendation from the Pakistan Senate’s influential Special Committee on Human Rights earlier this month. The Committee also said that anyone wishing to register a case of blasphemy with the police should bring multiple witnesses. Lawmakers stressed however that they were […]