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Christian Chibok girl speaks to her parents in Boko Haram propaganda video

Maida yakubu, an abducted Chibok girl has appeared on a Boko Haram Islamic Jihadist group propaganda video warning her parents to convert to Islam or “die in sadness.”

Flanked by four other girls covered in black hijab, Maida was questioned by a male jihadist who introduced them as a “part of the Chibok girls who say they will not return to their parents.”

The male voice then said, “We want to ask them why.” He asked the girl to identify herself and her parents names. “My name is Maida yakubu… From Chibok. My mother’s name is Ester Mutari, my father’s name is Yakubu Kago,” she said.

“Why did you refuse to go back to your parents?” the voice asked. “The reason is they are in the town of infidels. What I want is for them to come let be religious to gain paradise,” she said in an apparent rehearsed answer.

The male voice asked her for whether it was true that she and other girls were forced into marriages?“

“No it is not true.” Maida said in a hesitant voice. “Among us those who choose to get married do that because they want to and agree to do so.”

The male voice asks her to send a message to her parents.

“My only message is let them come, convert to Islam and get salvation,” she said briefly. Asked to give her message to Nigerians, she replied: “I want to tell you Nigerians, leave any book that is not of God. Come let’s adhere to the Sunnah. God’s religion will progress. Whether you like it or not. If you refuse you will die in your sadness.”

Sitting down and made to hold an AK 47 with the butt on the floor and the muzzle pointing up, she then addressed her parents in the local language asking them to abandon Christianity and convert to Islam.