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Church leaders defiant after Boko Haram executes three ‘spies’

Boko Haram has executed three men in a newly released video describing them as spies of the Nigerian government. Before slashing the throat of one and killing the other two with an AK 47gun fire, the Islamic terrorist group showed an interview with the three men in which they identified themselves and ‘confessed’ that they were sent to infiltrate the Jihadi group by the Nigeria’s Directorate of Military Intelligence.
The seven-minute video did not feature Abubakar Shekau the leader of the jihadists. It was edited to show Islamic leaders, President Muhammad Buhari, Donald Trump, former US President Barack Obama and several European leaders. It also featured Nigerian military jets flying overhead; mercenaries in battle; high-grade military hardware including anti-aircraft missiles. The terrorists speaking in the Hausa and Arabic languages commonly spoken in North East Nigeria, called President Buhari an infidel.

Major General Sani Kukasheka Usman, the military spokesman in the northeast,  in response to the execution did not acknowledge the claim that the men executed were working for the military. “We are focusing on stabilisation and consolidating our counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations,” he said. “Let them mention that part of Nigerian territory they are holding.”

The Rev Canon Nenman Gowon, senior special assistant to the Plateau state government on religious matters, told  Global Christian News: “As Christians and as a church in North Eastern Nigeria, we are united in our faith that no threats, destructions and killings will wipe out Christianity. We are not intimidated by the arsenal or the terror of Boko Haram. The Bible says, in vain do they gather because he who watches over us does not sleep or slumber.” Canon Nenman added, “our concern now is not the threat by Boko Haram, but the just and fair distribution of resources and rehabilitation of Christians and Christian communities in the northeast.” #

He said, “We  are asking the Borno State government to take into cognizance that predominantly Christian communities have been destroyed in the northeast and therefore the rehabilitation of refugees must take that into account.”