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Islam is not a religion of peace says Boko Harm leader in shocking new video

Looking healthy and vibrant the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau challenged military claims that he had been injured in an air raid last week.

“You Nigerians leaders, who are doers of evil against Islam, saying Islam is a religion of peace. You are not following the tenets of Islam Know that you will be answerable to Islam. Islam is not Christianity,” he declared. “You claim to have killed us, you have injured us. All lies…”

In the video, Shekau emphasised that he is alive and well. “I am speaking today, Thursday. It is evening now. Shortly after you published lies saying we were praying and you bombed us and I was injured…. All your media, looking at me now as I sit, none of you can claim that I am injured.”

Shekau mocked the Nigerian Military: “Be patient… when it is time I will die. Whatever will happens to us can only be destined by God. I am doing God’s duty and nothing will happen to me until God permits it.”

Shekau, in his signature rant, said, “You Buratai (Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff) and (President) Buhari, you can do nothing. This is to let you know I am alive and if God permits you will kill me but until then I will keep doing God’s duty. Shekau is alive.”

The terrorist leader sent a warning to the army. “I have not yet started killing in the name of religion I will soon start… We will soon start spraying the perfume of our religion… May God enable us die in the name of religion…”