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John 12:34-end     Walk in the Light


John 12:34-end     Walk in the Light


Our readings are very appropriate as we round 2016 and look towards a New Year.  Shall we journey into that New Year in the light or shall we grope our way through the darkness?  The person who walks in the darkness does not know where he/she is going and cannot see the dangers, the signs, or even the beauty of the journey.  This can be very frustrating. If we walk in the light we become children of light: people whose lives are characterized by light and who shed light for others to see by.  This is not, it must be noted, our own light, but the light of Jesus.  All who have faith in Jesus are in the light. Friends, it is very easy and very pleasing to get this light and to also shine this light. it holds an unexplainable beauty and come with a lot of blessings both for the carrier and for mankind. This light of the world, Jesus. Then as now, some people refused to acknowledge Jesus because they were afraid of losing their reputation in the eyes of their fellows (v.42-43). But let me assure you, Jesus is the best reputation you will always have. He endorses and establishes your reputation. A qualification no man can ever give, no matter how high or powerful.