Matthew 2:1-12        Revelation!

The word “epiphany” means revelation, and today, as we read the story of the three wise men (or kings, or magi), we thank God that Jesus Christ came to save all people, Gentiles as well as Jews.  We do not know who the wise men were, but we are told that they came from a far country.  They were the first non-Jews to come and worship Jesus, and so as we remember these travellers, we celebrate “the revelation of Christ to the Gentiles”.

King Herod, however, felt only threatened and angry when he heard about the birth of Christ.  He was afraid of a rival king or of a political uprising.  He did not know that the Kingdom of God is not a matter of a particular geographical or political area: the Kingdom of God is the rule of God in peoples’ lives and hearts.  The coming of Christ is not always welcomed: some people resent his claims; others welcome him with their lips, but refuse to acknowledge his sovereignty over every aspect of their life.  How shall we welcome Christ in this new year?