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Ninety-year-old Elderly Woman Assaulted in Church Attack

Gurdaspur, Punjab, India: An elderly lady was badly injured in an attack that took place in village Mallian in Gurdaspur in the state of Punjab on 3 July 2016.

This happened when about 15 men of the Sikh community of the same village carrying wooden sticks a

Courtesy Evangelical Fellowship of India : Satpal Singh's Elderly Mother, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
Photo Courtesy Evangelical Fellowship of India : Satpal Singh’s Elderly Mother, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India

nd weapons attacked an independent Church pastored by Pastor Satpal Singh in the early hours of Sunday. The attackers demanded that Singh should stop conducting services and evangelism in the village.

“Soon they started to beat us, while verbally abusing us with profane words,” said Singh while speaking to Global Christian News. While hitting Mr Singh, his son and nephew with wooden sticks the assaulters mockingly asked them to say “Halleluiah” according to the pastor.

During the course of the assault, they picked up a brick and hit Singh’s mother on her forehead. She immediately started to bleed profusely and had to be rushed for medical aid to a hospital. Singh, his son and nephew sustained external as well as internal injuries from the assault.

“I am so thankful that all the women of the family and about 15 helping us prepare for the worship service hid themselves and none of them are injured,” added Singh. The attackers left after Hindu and Sikh neighbours intervened. Mr Singh who has been pastor in the village for 20 years said that the intervention of his neighbours was a testament to good will and respect they had for his ministry.