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“Our grandchildren will inherit”: new Boko Haram video

In a new propaganda video released at the weekend by Boko Haram, the terror group claimed responsibility for the attack in Maiduguri town that killed over 20 people, on 7 June. The video showed only the feet of a narrator sending a warning in Hausa language, widely spoken in northern Nigeria: “We went to Maiduguri and killed all those that needed to be killed and we came back safely”.

In the video Boko Haram addressed the Nigerian army: “Wait for us we are coming to you. Wherever you are we will find you. Allah has instructed us to find you. Just as you find us in the forest, we will find you in the towns and cities. Be prepared. The war between us has just begun.

“We went to up to Jiddari [a town in Maiduguri with a military outpost] and the infidels fled.” The narrator in the video showed evidence including ammunition, cell phones, ID cards seized from the Nigerian army.

The Boko Haram video continued: “You lie that we are finished. This is nonsensical… we attacked you and you claimed we were all killed. This is a lie. Be assured that this is a war that our children and grandchildren will inherit.”

The voice continued. “It is not a war that will end within a short period. Allah has enable us to attack you in the town. The people there know this… Your soldiers fled. Your infidels fled. Allah has enriched us with your ammo.”

Borno state Commissioner of Police, Damian Chukwu in a press briefing on multiple suicide attacks in Maiduguri in which 20 were killed said, “Boko Haram terrorist attacked at Alidawari village near Jiddari Polo area of Maiduguri, sporadically firing AA (anti-aircraft) rifles across Jiddari Polo and the Federal High Court. They set fire on some houses… the military moved, mobilized maximally and repelled the attack, after engaging in a gun duel that lasted for about an hour,” he said.

Reacting to the perpetuation of insurgency in Nigeria, as declared by the Islamists Archbishop Ben Kwashi, the Anglican leader of Jos Province, covering north eastern Nigeria, said: “This insurgency will be with us for a long time. Islamic jihadism will continue but that should not take away what our focus should be, as Christians.

“Radical Islamists, jihadists and terror groups cannot and must not distract us from taking the love of Jesus Christ to every part of the north east and indeed every part of the world,” he added.

“The history of the church is synonymous with persecution and killing of the people who simply want to share the Good news of the love of Christ.” He added that the church must remain resilient, focused and committed to the Gospel message and evangelism. “remember that behind the wall of hatred, fear and threats set up by the jihadists, there are grieving and searching hearts who want to know and experience the love of Jesus Christ. We can’t let Boko Haram stop us from giving them the opportunity of experiencing that love,” the Archbishop said.

A pastor in Kirkasama, Maiduguri [name withheld for security reasons] said, “I agree with the recent Boko Haram video where the terrorist was saying they will pass on, as an inheritance, the insurgency to their children and grandchildren. History of insurgencies in the middle east has shown the capacity of Islam to do so. I also agree that our military generals are delusional to think that they have defeated Boko Haram… we will be very foolish to even believe them in the first instance.”

The cleric went on to explain that, “we will continue to have Islamic jihadist in Nigeria because half of the politician have no idea at all what Islam is about and why there is insurgency. So for them, poverty, youth restiveness and iliteracy are the problems and once you pump money into the system radical Islam will fade away.”

The rest of the policiticans he said, “simply are afraid of the Muslims in the country because they have formed caucauses, pressure groups and are like a mafia. To be safe therefore, is to try to be politically correct and appease everyone so that there will be peace and progress. Islam will have its way.”

The Pastor said, “As long as there are verses in the Quran that encourage and instigate jihad, there will always be Muslims who take it, hook line and sinker, and attack Christians and any western civilization. Christianity is the mortal enemy of many Muslims followed by any western lifestyle which they believe goes against Sharia. So let us stop fooling ourselves.”

The pastor challenged addressing the church, said, “Our duty, as Christians is to counter this evil with the love of Jesus and we will do so till we all get killed or till we have many more Muslims to see and understand that Jesus has always offered the love of God the father, through Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. But how many Muslims can see that? So I agree with Boko Haram that we have a long battle ahead of us,” the cleric said.