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“Righteousness exalts a nation”  Prov 14:34


“Righteousness exalts a nation”  Prov 14:34


The letter of Queen Victoria to the king of the Egba kingdom, Western Nigeria, in reply to the Egba king was full of respect for the request of the Egba people to agree on the terms of partnership between England and Egba kingdom. To abolish human sacrifice, abolish slave trade and engage in goods trade, education and technology. Egba kingdom wondered how a small U.K. could control vast colonies around the world, they too wanted to be as great as the United Kingdom. The Queen agreed to meet the request of the terms but noted that the secret of the greatness of the United Kingdom was based on Prov. 13:34.
God has not changed his mind on this promise, however the verse is not restricted to a nation.
-Righteousness exalts a Diocese
-Righteousness exalts a family
-Righteousness exalts any man or woman
-Righteousness exalts any community
*Seek first the kingdom of God and seek first his righteousness and all other things will be yours as well.