Romans 12:1 Dare to be different

We must rise to reform for the signs of the times are all over, this is a season for true Biblical renewal for Reformation.
The church is in danger and will fall under the clout of the oppressive force of culture of the times and suffocate helplessly because she conformed to the worlds standards and systems. No matter how much the church thinks she can bring Salvation to the world it is not by conforming and accommodation. The mere fact of accomodation and conformity introduces a systemic compromise and mediocrity which over time makes the church’s message subsidized and expired. There is no end to cultural accommodation and practices, they come in different subtle ways. They appear reasonable and harmless practices until they take hold of the heart of men and dictate for the church. Little by Little the Bible and Bible standards are watered down in style systematically.
The cure is for the church to reform by Reformation through Biblical scholarship. It was by theological scholarship that the church was reformed in 1500. A careful study of the Bible and a diligent research into all human endeavors through the eye of Bible will show clearly how people ought to live in love, freedom, peace, exercise justice and righteousness for the good of all. The mission of God Missio Dei is the main thing for the church and this is not a matter of talk, it is the intelligent intentional research, asking Godly questions and seeking answers to why things are the way they are or and why not. The use of our God given minds must truthfully respond to the degeneration of the church and reject radically what is not true, what is not good and all that is evil. To put things right however is not possible through human strength and rhetorics, it is a spiritual battle requiring a total dedication and faith in the power and efficacy of the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Armed with the experience of Salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone, the church relies on faith in Christ and the Holy Scriptures, to bring about Reformation of the church and society.
We are either reforming or conforming!!!
As those who lay claim to so many qualifications we must prove our worth and the quality of our learning by the amount of Biblical Reformation we bring to the church and the society.