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Romans 8:12-17- Led by the Spirit


Romans 8:12-17- Led by the Spirit


Again, the Sunday reading provides a comment on what was read during the week.  We can choose to live according to the ways and standards of the world; we can choose to live as we used to do before we heard the gospel – but that way leads to death, because we are living as an enemy of God.  We are no longer forced to follow that way: we are free; we are free to live according to the gospel and to be led by the Spirit of God.  That is the way that leads to fullness of life, both in this world and in the world to come.  If we live according to the Spirit, we shall no longer be slaves, living a life dominated by fear.  Instead we shall relate to God as our Father; we are God’s children.  However, in this world we must be prepared to go through suffering, and to remain faithful, just as Jesus did.  Jesus had to face suffering: his followers can expect no less!  Paul sets before us an example of someone who is following the way of Christ, led by the Spirit of God, as a child of God.  He saw many problems and much suffering, but nothing could make him turn back to his old way of life.