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Three children killed as Syrian rebels rocket Christian school

A young girl in Syria, who needed to fill containers with water, sat and cried as they were too heavy for her to carry home. Credit: Barnabas Fund

Three children an Armenian Christian school in the Syrian capital Damascus were killed on Tuesday 6 March after rockets fired from East Ghouta hit the school, in events which have been almost entirely ignored by the world’s media.

Many Christian families are now understood to have left Damascus to take shelter in villages after weeks of rocket attacks from the rebel-held enclave, which is controlled by multiple jihadist factions.

Humanitarian aid convoys entered East Ghouta earlier this week following the announcement of a ceasefire brokered by the United Nations.

The two largest rebel groups in East Ghouta stated that they would adhere to the UN’s demand for a suspension of hostilities, but this has not led to a cessation of rocket attacks on Christian areas in Damascus.

Christians in Syria criticise western media for failing to report attacks on the Christian community by rebel groups.

Exclusive from Barnabas Fund project partners