1 Peter 3:1-12     Our lives as example

You do not win people through many words; you win people by your lives.  If we preach and our life does not conform with our preaching people will not believe.  But if your life conforms with your preaching they will believe.  Therefore the family is very important.  You must all agree to live for God and submit to God.  See verses 1-7.  When you disobey, your prayers will not be answered.  Live in harmony as husband and wife.  Live in harmony in the church.  Do not repay evil for evil.  The person writing this is the Peter who cut off the servant’s ear when they Jewish authorities arrested Jesus; but now he says, “Do not repay evil for evil”.  Peter’s conversion was real.  If we are truly converted, these are the qualities which should be shown in our lives.  We have been called, chosen and delivered for a blessing.  That means that wherever you go you should be a blessing to other people.  Verses 10-11: these are qualities of the people who have been saved.  Consider these verses carefully.  If you know that these qualities are not in you, you should search your heart.