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Acts 18:24-19:6        The Whole Story


Acts 18:24-19:6        The Whole Story

Although the whole gospel had been preached to the Corinthians they wanted to effect a compromise, and accept only part of what had been taught.  There is also another situation.  Both Apollos and the disciples in Ephesus had been taught only a part of the gospel.  This they had believed, but it needed someone like Priscilla and Aquila, or Paul, to tell them the whole story.  Once they had heard, they eagerly believed.  Still today, the tendency to ignore parts of the true gospel can be seen in some “churches”.  The claims of Christ are total, but some prefer not to face up to such demands.  By so doing, however, they rob themselves of the joy, the peace, the power and the wonder which the whole gospel brings.  You cannot expect to enjoy driving your car if you wilfully put one of the cylinders out of action!

Those who taught Apollos were two disciples who had earlier learnt from Paul.  What Paul had taught them they now passed on to Apollos who in turn taught others ….  This is true mission!  “You heard my teaching in the presence of many witnesses; hand on that teaching to reliable men who in turn will be qualified to teach others.”  (2 Timothy 2:2)