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Boko Haram: Terror against the Church in Maiduguri escalates 

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Boko Haram: Terror against the Church in Maiduguri escalates 

A female suicide bomber blew herself up, killing a male who was also wearing explosive devices in an attempt to detonate it at the Saint Hilary Catholic Church at the morning mass on Friday in Maiduguri.

Borno State police spokesperson Victor Isuku said, “Mobile police personnel on guard duty beside the Church, opposite the federal high court, sighted three suspected suicide bombers running towards their sandbag… one of them detonated the IED strapped to her body, killing herself and one other male accomplice.”

The police in maiduguri arrested a second female suicide bomber strapped with explosives. “We heard a loud bang which shook our entire building,” a priest in the church said.

scene-of-a-suicide-bomb-in-maiduguriIsuku said police detonated unexploded IEDs on the bodies of the deceased bomber which were still potent while the second female suicide bomber has been arrested.

The Islamic terror group, Boko Haram, has stepped up its campaign in Maiduguri killing soldiers and attacking churches shortly after 21 Chibok school girls were released in a negotiation the Nigerian government denied it had given money and released 4 officers of the Islamic terrorists.