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Acts 26:1-23 Paul’s testimony

Paul’s “defence” was simply a straightforward recounting of those parts of his life-story which were relevant to the present situation.  He spoke first of his upbringing and training as a Pharisee, which many people still living in Jerusalem would be able to testify was true.  Following on from that he […]


Before Kings (Acts 25:13-end)

Paul was a Roman citizen, and having exercised his legal right to appeal to Caesar, the Roman Emperor, Paul had been remanded in custody until such time as he should be sent to Rome, the seat of the Emperor. King Herod Agrippa came with his sister Bernice to pay a […]

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Death threats and political assassinations: Aurelio Gomez Ramos and Gustavo Hernandez Perez 1995

Aurelio pastored a church with Gustavo as his assistant at a time of great threat to Christians in Mexico from the Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN). This armed revolutionary organisation from Chiapas, a poverty stricken southern state of Mexico, went public in 1994 with the goal of overthrowing the Mexican government. […]