Kazahkstan Parliament imposing a crackdown on religious freedoms. Photo: Wikipedia

Kazakhstan – Authorities step up their crackdown on religious freedom

The Kazakhstan government increased its clampdown during 2017 on the religious freedoms of Christians.  In 2017 Kazakhstan’s authorities reportedly targeted 258 administrative punishments at religious groups or individuals for crimes such as, meeting for worship, sharing or importing religious literature in person or online, and praying in private settings. One […]

Xi Jinping. Premier of China, whose government has imposed a crackdown on Christians
East Asia

New religion regulations imposed on Chinese Christians

New religion regulations, in a  government crackdown on ‘extremism’, came into force across China on 1 February. The updated regulations which increase government scrutiny of religious literature and websites, require registered religious organisations not to “use religion to harm national security, disrupt social order … or [do] other harm [to] national interests.” […]

Human Rights Watch concern over Malaysia’s “rising tide of intolerance”
South East Asia

Human Rights Watch concern over Malaysia’s “rising tide of intolerance”

Government officials in Malaysia are contributing to a “rising tide of religious” intolerance in the country, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch. The report highlights how officials have silenced activists raising awareness of the enforced disappearances of Christian leaders. Three members of a citizen action group were investigated […]