Photo credit: Middle East Concern
Middle East and North Africa

Khartoum church demolished by police hours after Sunday service

Police demolished a Presbyterian Evangelical church in a suburb of Khartoum on Sunday 11 February, hours after the Sunday service had finished. The church had been scheduled for demolition by authorities since 2016, as one of 25 which the government claimed violated land regulations. In recent years, Sudan’s government has acceleratedefforts […]

President Erdogan of Turkey. Photo credit: Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.
Middle East and North Africa

EU Parliament condemns seizures of Christian properties in Turkey

European politicians have condemned anti-Christian discrimination in Turkey and the seizure of churches. The resolution states that the European Parliament “is seriously concerned about the lack of respect for the freedom of religion [in Turkey], including the increased discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities; condemns the confiscation of 50 Aramean churches, […]

Egyptian President Abel Fatta al-Sisi.
Middle East and North Africa

Egypt launches military offensive against Islamic militants

Egypt’s military launched an offensive this week against Islamic militants in the Sinai who have been targeting Christians with impunity in response to directions by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Former general al-Sisi has ordered a combined effort by the army, navy and air force to “clear Egypt’s territory of [the] terrorist element” […]