South Asia

Christian child killed at the gates of Pakistan Christian colony

Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Nawaz Sanaullah. Photo: Wikipedia

A seven-year-old boy was killed when a bomb went off at the gate of a Christian colony in Pakistan, according to police. The attack was the latest incident in a catalogue of violence in the south western province of Baluchistan.

“The attack has raised concerns for the safety of churches especially in Christmas gatherings,” said Shezan William, executive Secretary of Caritas Quetta.

The Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Nawaz Sanaullah has condemned the blast. The attack took place the day after Taliban gunmen had attacked a college in the country’s northwestern region, killing nine people.

Gul Mohammad, a police officer told reporters that the blast caused by a hand grenade, smashed windows in nearby homes. The police identified the boy as ‘Lucky Saleem’.