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Pastors pray for the capture of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau

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Pastors pray for the capture of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau

500 pastors have pledged to pray for the defeat of Boko Haram at a meeting at the Unity Fountain in the Nigerian capital Abuja. The prayer is meant to back up the ultimatum by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai for the army to capture Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the Islamic Jihadi terror group within 40 days.

Bishop Musa Fomson, coordinating the prayers, said, “Boko Haram had seized so many Nigerian Local Government Areas that were the equivalent of three states; the group’s atrocious activities had spread across the northern parts of the country and had reached southwards as far as Okene in Kogi State (central region of the country)… the group continued to abduct and take women, children and the aged into captivity from their villages.”

The Bishop said the clerics felt it was necessary to call for the prayers.

“We have a God that answers prayers, who is indeed our God. God did not only answer the prayers of the saints and faithful, but gave further revelations on actions that this group has to take on behalf of the country,” Bishop Fomson said.

“We prayed for God to end the scourge of Boko Haram and our troops went to battle to decisively deal the dangerous group the blows that has reduced powers of the demons that had blighted the land with the blood of the innocent.”

“Our belief is that everything in life is possible with hard work and prayer, we are therefore confident that the arrest or capture of Shekau is a matter of time and this shall manifest to the glory of God.” The clerics, in concord with the military say they will take up prayers for forty days. “We therefore declare today as the commencement of 40 days National Prayer for the success of Nigerian Troops, return of the remaining Chibok girls and arrest of Shekau and other recalcitrant Boko Haram commanders.” Fomson said


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